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The Price guide

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1The Price guide Empty The Price guide on Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:53 pm

This price guide (made by icon) will be built upon and changed many times to fit economy fluctuations, server updates & new content.
This guide IS NOT 100% accurate and prices vary on supply and demand, eventually with lots of work and a more stable economy we can create a full blown price guide that's very accurate.

~ Barrows items (per piece) ~

Dharok's:  20m-35m
Karil's:  13m-18m
Torag's:  10m-15m
Guthan's:  10m-15m
Verac's:  10m-20m
Ahrim's:  15m-25m

~ GodWars items ~

Bandos tassets: 150m-200m
Bandos chestplate: 150m-200m
Bandos boots: 25m-50m
Bandos Godsword: 9m

Armadyl helm: 75m-125m
Armadyl chestplate: 150m-200m
Armadyl chainskirt: 150m-200m
Armadyl Hilt: 195m

Saradomin Hilt: 125m-195m
Saradomin sword: 50m-100m

Zamorak Hilt: 100m-175m
Zamorak spear: 50m-100m

Godsword Shards: 5m-10m each

~ Misc. Items ~

Dragon bones: 150k-250k
Crystal Key: 1m-3m
Crystal key tooth/loop: 500km-1500km
Bonecrusher: 15m
Anger weapons: 5m-20m ea
Beer: 5m-10m

Christmas cracker: 50m-75m
Party hats: 50m-75m
Halloween masks: 100m-150m
Santa hat: 500m
Santa costume (all pieces) 100m ea

~ Combat items ~

Dragonfire shield: 50m-100m
Dragonclaws: 240m
Bronze Defender: 100k
Iron Defender: 250k
Steel Defender: 500k
Black Defender: 1m
Mithril Defender: 3m
Adamant Defender: 5m
Rune Defender: 10m
Dragon Defender: 15m
Flame Burst Defender: 25m

NOTE: Many more items will be added into eco once there actually IN the economy and traded

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2The Price guide Empty Re: The Price guide on Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:55 pm

Please comment and suggest prices for new or old things.

Please refrain from items that are not in the economy yet!

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3The Price guide Empty Re: The Price guide on Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:53 pm


Great guide! This is an amazing start!

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4The Price guide Empty Re: The Price guide on Thu Oct 20, 2016 9:48 am

Very good price guide!

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