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Suggestions! [10/23]

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1Suggestions!     [10/23] Empty Suggestions! [10/23] on Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:31 pm

This is my suggestion thread, I will be adding to this weekly. please read this and comment on what you think should be changed or specifications on a certain suggestion I have (ex: what should be in clue's) before commenting please give this a rating out of 10

Update Fixes [10/19]
Update fixes[10/20]
Update Suggestions [10/21]
Update Suggestions [10/22]
Update Suggestions [10/23]

-----Things that should be fixed or changed-----

Dungeoneering:  The xp rates for killing the npc's at dung should be increased based on level 5%-10% per level (from the 1,000xp per kill)
the amount of kills it takes to get 99 is roughly 2,400 kills... 120 dung would take about 19,000 kills. PLEASE CONISDER + high level spot (125 points per kill) (blue beer 250k xp) etc for levels 80+?
Remove Dragon Claws & AGS: These items defeat the purpose of bossing at Armadyl and Tormented demons. Removing these will not effect eco badly because there is currently only 1 ags in game and no pair of claws.
Fix cape requirements: You can currently wear ANY 99 skill cape at any level. This should be changed considering they hinder the purpose of achieving 99 in a skill.
Lower Crystal chest rate(Done): The rate the Crystal key chest gives barrows is about 1/2. This is WAY too high (recommend 1/10) this makes the entire barrows minigame irrelevant because I can get a set of barrows before a player might even get a piece from doing a barrows run.
Nerf Bandos: Bandos is not too bad but VERY difficult to solo, this makes it hard for new players to get into PVM which will ultimately discourage them from playing. (recommend lowering damage by 20%)
Nerf Avatar of Destruction: This boss is impossible to solo and probably impossible to team. Ava hit 860 through prayer, yes I was using the right prayer (recommend reducing damage by 25%)
add adamant ore to the mining area(in skilling area): There is no adamant ore in the mining area, this creates a long stretch in 99 mining and also makes smiting harder
Soulsplit Soulsplit prayer does not work correctly, instead of taking a % of opponents health from "X" amount of damage, it just gives 40hp per hit regardless of damage delt. This can be very overpowered if someone is using a very fast attacking weapon.
Dismiss Familiar: You currently (or at least I cant) dismiss familiars, logging out, destroying pouch and trying to dismiss the familiar does not work. This can be a nuisance for players who need certain familiars.
Dungeoneering ring: The ring of kinship has currently gone missing in bobs shop, please make sure to add this back in!
Noted supplies: Supplies like, herbs, vials, gems should be noted for ease of skilling.
Better herblore: Herblore potions cap @ level 78, we need better potions so the xp gap isn't massive. potions like extreme ranging, overloads, sara brew etc.
Slayer: Slayer needs to be changed a lot, xp rates are VERY low for kills regardless of the complexity and many slayer tasks are either too high of a slay level or too far outside the safe zone. (recommend adding a slayer dung full of non-slayer-tower npc's) also recommend a 15% xp increase per level (based on kills) so you're not farming to 99 with 1k kills.
Slayer Shop: Prices in slayer shop should be changed a bit, handcannon is 700 points (too high) and coloured whips are 250 points while a Sara sword is only 100 points. also charged dragon med helm is 2147m points....
Milestone capes: Milestone capes currently don't have any stats and they also do not equip in the proper cape slot (usually the weapon or ring slot)
Thieving: Add a slightly faster time interval and increase xp rates by about 20% 6k xp steals to 7,500xp (its pretty slow and is usually the easiest)

----- Things to be added -----

Frost Dragons: Prayer is quite a hard skill to train, frost dragons would make a great slayer task and helpful for players earning xp (also great for economy flow)
Prestige System: Add a prestige system so players are able to earn more than 1 rare (recommend having max combat + total level of 2000)
Prestige shop: Prestige shop with things like (5th prestige point x2 xp ring, 1st prestige dragon axe/pickaxe. etc)
add onyx to crafting shop: Onyx would be great to add to the crafting shop to help that last stretch of xp (recommend 1.6m per uncut onyx)
add Nex: Nex would be a great boss to add since it requires a team (recommend having the 4 mages in each corner)
::dicezone This "::dicezone" command would be a nice thing to have for players who are looking for a host and a nice escape from home (when it becomes crowded)
Pking score board: Adding a pking scoreboard in game would be a nice addition and inspire new players to take a break from skilling/pvm/hosting and fight others.
XP Scoreboard Having a Highscores list in game or on forums would be an awesome addition to the game, this will encourage some players to skill hours on end every day keeping the server active all hours of the day.
120 Skillcapes (104m xp): These capes would be a nice visual addition to the game and also encouraging players to play longer to achieve larger xp goals.
Dragon bones in Vote shop: adding dragonbones to the vote shop would be a great way to get players to vote (players are dying to get d bones) [Recommend 50 bones/vote point]
More Crystal Key loot add other drops to crystal key chest like skilling supplies or very rare loot 1/1000 chance for a party hat sorta thing.
better trivia rewards: Skilling supplies, 5m stacks etc.
Create a boss drop post: Having an admin or the Owner create a thread about what bosses drop what items would be a really helpful addition to the forum, especially for new players.
Change price of custom rares: Custom RARES should be worth more in price [Black phat, Pink phat, etc]
clue scrolls(Done): Add clue scrolls that drop rare items like dragon ornament kits and 3rd age pieces.
Nezzy helmThis helm should be added in game, its great for everything and bridders wont wanna brid without it!
level reset lamp: as you may know some items in the level shop are unobtainable because of the high amount of level points required to buy them. (recommend price 275 points per lamp) the average points per level is 3.3-3.7 (because of level jumps) so players will only get 55-75 points (75-150 for hard skills) per 99-reset lamp to keep the items at a fair value and not easily farmable.
Runecrafting: adding huge rune crafting pouches for players or adding bank booths in some of the altars or adding a faster way to get to altar [ ;;astrals ] + some altars are not coded and leave you in random places.
Veteran cape: Adding a veteran cape would be nice little achievement to the game (recommend 250 hours of game time)

Thanks for reading! Very Happy

------- If anyone has more suggestions comment below-------

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2Suggestions!     [10/23] Empty Re: Suggestions! [10/23] on Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:47 pm

Excellent Excellent Excellent post! Will start work on these tomorrow..

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3Suggestions!     [10/23] Empty Re: Suggestions! [10/23] on Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:52 pm


Jesus man, awesome post!!

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4Suggestions!     [10/23] Empty Re: Suggestions! [10/23] on Thu Oct 20, 2016 9:39 am

Love it my bro!

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5Suggestions!     [10/23] Empty Re: Suggestions! [10/23] on Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:53 pm

Thanks for crossing off finished items on the list @ Anthony
Great job on the updates, keep going man!

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