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my application

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1my application Empty my application on Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:26 am

Real Name -Dustin Abbott
Skype -bigbulldog72
Runescape knowledge -been playing private servers for around 5-6 years, im a active player and i always help new players that have off the wall questions like when they log in and don't know much about the server.
Staff -I haven't ever been a staff member before, but i've never stopped trying Very Happy.
Time available - my work ours are 12 hour shifts, this coming up monday ill be going back to days, from 8am-8pm and my weeks are always the same every week, one week ill work monday tuesday, then wednesday thursday off, and friday saturday sunday i will be working, then the next week vise versa, monday tuesday off, working wednesday thursday, then friday saturday sunday off. hope to see all y'all ingame, my names obliteration ingame. Very Happy

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